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Getting Creative With Your Concrete Driveways

Getting Creative With Your Concrete Driveways
Often overlooked and typically underestimated, concrete has included an outstanding array of decorative options for driveways, restaurants and institutes. Decorative concrete is one of the most economical and reasonable ways to spruce up your home or workplace entrance. Especially favored by commercial establishments such as casinos, hotels, and malls, decorative concrete has also become a very attractive option for residential applications. Your concrete surfaces can be made to be aesthetically pleasing, unique and completely eye-catching works of art. A driveway is one of the first things that guests will see when visiting your home. The quality of the products and supplies that are incorporated into the project will be the ultimate determination of how fantastic your driveways finished look is and the many years it will hold up. Xtreme Polishing Systems has a multitude of unique and reliable decorative solutions for making your drivewa…
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Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Non-Slip Floor Coatings If you are considering using epoxy resin coatings on your concrete floors, you may be concerned about the potential chance of slipping and falling when the surface gets wet. Nobody wants an unsafe floor in their homes and businesses, however if you are using epoxy coatings there are solutions to prevent slips and falls.
How Does A Non-Slip Coating Work? Since epoxy resin coatings are non-porous, the floor cures as a completely smooth surface that is similar to a sheet of ice. To create traction, there is a special material that can be dispersed directly into the coating mixture called a Grip Traction Additive. This special material is commonly used to improve traction coefficients and will dramatically increase the durability and abrasion resistance properties. You can also choose another coating system like a polyaspartic, urethane, or polyurea application which typically incorporates flakes, chips and quartz, creating an extremely slip resistant surface. Even…

Top Benefits Of Polyaspartic Coatings

What Are Polyaspartic Coatings?When several facilities require advanced top coat protection for their floor, counter, bar and tabletop surfaces, they typically struggle to find the proper and most reliable protective coating to meet meet all of their requirements. This reliable top coat was developed over 20 years ago and has become more popular to date. Polyaspartic coatings are an aliphatic polyurea that's granted the ability to protect and guard surfaces from damages like constant automobile traffic, foot traffic, chemicals and spills and other forms of wear and tear.

High Resistance ProtectionPolyaspartic floor coatings are capable of withstanding all types of stains, punctures, impacts, chemical spills, and direct contact with high temperature when comparing with other coatings. This protective flooring system will not need expensive and regular waxing in the long run or any other kind of resurfacing treatment options. In order to bring the coating back to life after years o…

Hand Grinders for Surface Preparation

Hand Grinders for Surface Preparation Hand grinders are a fast solution for smoothing out inconsistencies on vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Hand grinders are truly a one of a kind tool, especially for concrete edge work and smaller scale flooring projects. Contractors and DIY'ers do not always face large-scale projects so they need to be equipped with a tool that is powerful enough, yet still easy to maneuver into smaller spaces.

Typically, large floor grinders and floor polishers are used to prepare the surface of a concrete floor. However, investing in a robust tool like a hand-held grinder will save you time, money and haver your surface looking beautiful. Using a diamond impregnated grinding cup wheel or grinding disc, hand grinders are able to adequately profile a concrete surface. Being that hand grinders are a much smaller piece of tooling makes hand grinders ideal for concrete countertops and tabletops, residential floors, small garages, hallways, walkways and …

How To Protect Your Concrete Floors

How To Protect Your Concrete Floors Concrete is designed for any type of environment and offers an extensive list of advantages including being a cost effective solution for flooring and having extreme durability and strength. Protecting your concrete surface is vital in keeping your concrete floors safe from severe damage overtime. Our experts at Xtreme understand that everyone has different preferences so we made sure to have a multitude protective coatings available for your concrete floor surfaces.

Concrete SealersConcrete sealers are one of the simplest of the many techniques when protecting and restoring your concrete floor. Concrete sealers protect your floors from heavy foot traffic and chemical spills.
Epoxy Coatings An epoxy coating is an industrial-grade protective coating that is applied over your concrete floors once the concrete surface has been ground with a concrete floor grinder. Epoxy is an adhesive material that bonds to the concrete's surface creating an extrem…

The Difference Between Planetary and Rotary Concrete Floor Grinders

The Difference Between Planetary and Rotary Concrete Floor Grinders There are two major types of concrete floor grinders to adequately prepare a concrete floor. These robust pieces of equipment are used to smooth, level, prepare, polish, and remove thick coatings on concrete surfaces.

Since concrete is an economical flooring option it has become increasingly popular among warehouses, commercial businesses, retail, schools, residential and other facilities. Concrete floor grinders are essential pieces of equipment that will aid in completing concrete floors.
Understanding the differences between rotary concrete floor grinders and planetary floor grinders will assist you in choosing the proper equipment for the specific project.

What are Traditional Rotary Grinders?Traditional rotary grinders are heavyweight which helps speed up the process and there is no need for belts or pulleys when using this type of floor grinder. A skilled operator is recommended to properly operate these heavywe…

Residential and Commercial Concrete Floor Maintenance

Why Concrete Floors?
Concrete floors are a great option for residential, commercial and industrial settings making it an extremely versatile flooring option. Concrete is very durable and displays a simplistic beauty to compliment any atmosphere.

Maintaining Residential Floors
Even with such durability, concrete floors still require maintenance in order to protect the surface and extend longevity. Fortunately for everyone, including those who have extremely busy schedules, these requirements are minimal for residential floors and are extremely simple to accomplish while cost effective.

When considering floor maintenance for your concrete surfaces, please remember that frequent maintenance is highly recommended for maximum results. A gentle approach like simply using a mop bucket, water and a mild cleaner will help prevent costly repairs and keep your floors looking amazing.

Maintaining Commercial and Industrial Floors
Each surface will vary depending on the amount of traffic it will be e…