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How to Prepare A Hardwood Floor for an Epoxy Coating Application

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you know how important it is to properly protect it. One popular floor coating for wood is epoxy. An epoxy floor coating is long-lasting and easy to maintain while giving an extra layer of protection to your hardwood floors. It also provides a high gloss finish that will bring your wood floors back to life. Before you use an epoxy floor coating, there are steps you need to take to prepare your floor.
Follow These Steps:Thoroughly Clean the Floor's Surface: The first step to a beautiful and successful application is a clean surface. By thoroughly cleaning your wood floors you're able to remove dirt and eliminate mold and mildew. Mop the floor with a solution of 10% bleach in warm water. Use old towels to dry the floor, and then wait for it to completely dry before moving to the next step.Sand the Surface of the Floor: Next, you will need to sand the floor in order to level the surface and to remove any previous sealant using a power …
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Epoxy Coatings vs. Mechanically Polished Concrete

What Is An Epoxy Coating?
When an epoxy coating is applied to a concrete floor the revolutionary material binds to the floor surface, which ultimately provides a durable, colorful and valuable substrate. Epoxy coatings for concrete floors require frequent maintenance and can be most commonly found in hotels, showrooms, restaurants, retail outlets, industrial and residential garages, warehouses, and all while protecting your floors and and providing a beautiful environment for clients and guests.

What Is A Mechanically Polished Concrete Floor?
When a concrete floor is mechanically polished the floor's surface is refined with diamond abrasive tools that can either produce a high sheen polished surface or a duller surface, per the client's preference. Mechanical polished concrete is extremely cost effective and requires minimal maintenance and can be most commonly found in residential homes, showrooms, warehouses, restaurants, retail outlets, industrial, commercial and residential…

Concrete Cleaning Solutions For Stubborn Stains

Interiors are equally as important as our exteriors. We have to maintain our own living environments in order to maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle, both physically and mentally. If you have concrete as your flooring foundation then you already have one of the greatest advantages when having to manage a clean and stain free floor surface.
Personal Benefits:Lowers stress and fatigueMaintains physical and mental healthKill bacteria/ germsReduces allergy and asthma symptomsImproves the quality of indoor airEnhances the aesthetics of homeUpgrades overall lifestyleConcrete surfaces tend to accumulate dust or dirt particles rampantly. Though maintaining your floors on a regular basis is a tedious process, it cannot be overlooked. This regular maintenance can be easily achieved with an economical concrete cleaning solution.
Cleaning chemicals for concrete help remove stains caused by food, oil, spills or other substances. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies variety of popular brand name co…

Decorative Concrete is Exceeding Popularity in the Retail Sector

Decorative concrete flooring is becoming a popular choice in retail sectors nationwide. This flooring type provides businesses the opportunity to completely eliminate the use of vinyl tile, quarry tile, wood and carpet. Concrete dyes, stains and coatings are the natural solutions for bringing aesthetic energy to any field.

Decorative concrete is an easy to maintain floor and very low maintenance is required.Concrete is a recycled material so it's an eco friendly flooring option.Decorative concrete is more resistant to abuse from retail and other commercial establishments that tend to accumulate heavy foot traffic or operate machinery like forklifts on it consistently.Decorative concrete gives businesses the creative ability to express individuality by enhancing your floors with bright hues or patterns. Choose from our extensive selection of color options.Decorative concrete helps with light reflectivity which can ultimately reduce lighting and save on energy. Your floor&…

Hand-Held Grinders: Their Purposes and Precautions

Invented in 1954 by a German company, Ackermann + Schmitt, the hand grinder is a hand powered tool specifically built for grindingpolishing, or removing materials like glue, mastic or paint/coatings. This device is versatile with the multitude of accessories that fit on it, while being used for various purposes such as cutting tile, mortar, and pavers, material removal, and grinding/ polishing purposes.

Xtreme Polishing Systemssupplies an efficient and reliable selection of hand-held angle grinders and edge grinders. You can typically purchase these power tools at your local hardware store if you’re seeking other options for acquiring a hand grinder. Also, when purchasing an hand grinder make sure to consider a unit built with a powerful motor (at least 5 to 9 amps).
Power Sources for Hand Grinders:ElectricityPetrolPneumatic or Compressed AirHand-held angle grinders are standard power tools and extremely popular for use in metal fabrication and machine shops, as well as practically …

Decorate Your Concrete Surfaces with Dyes and Stains

Decorative concrete flooring has completely ascended over the years. Homeowners and a multitude of businesses, big and small, have shown a keen interest in coloring their concretesurfaces. Your concrete floors provide you an opportunity to become creative and absolutely transform the surface of your floors to appeal any style or pattern that you may desire!

What Are Concrete Dyes/ Stains?
Concrete dyes and stains produce earth tone and vibrant colors on concrete and cementitious overlays. There are a few important factors to consider when you dyeorstain your concrete floors. Some of these factors include determining the type of cement your coloring, selection of pigment, water content, mixing, and finishing techniques to achieve a beautifully decorated surface. Listed below are different types of decorative styles you can choose from for your concrete floors:
Stamped Concrete
This is an extremely popular flooring choice because the process consists of the concrete surface being patterned …

A Thorough Understanding of Chemical Floor Hardeners/ Densifiers

Concrete will become dull over time with the constant wear and tear. Removing and replacing the whole slab can be very time consuming and costly but luckily now it’s easier than ever to revive your concrete surfacesChemical floor densifying/ hardening agents are natural aggregates and organic concrete chemicals that hardens the surface of the floor providing wear resistance to concrete surfaces and extending the service life for industrial, commercial and residential settings.

What Are Chemical Floor Hardeners?
Chemical floor hardeners, also known asconcrete densifiers, are a chemical based liquid substance that is applied to concrete floors to drastically increase surface density, fill any excess pores and enhance the shine of the surface.

This concrete floor hardener has a chemical reaction between calcium hydroxide and lime which is presented within the concrete to solidify the surface and create a sustainable floor surface that’s resistant to things like dirt, grime, stains etc. T…