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How To Transform Your Basement Into A Pleasant Common Room

There are a multitude of rooms in your home, however when you're seeking a comfortable and pleasant common room you're probably not thinking about your basement as being one of those choices. Typically, the words that are associated with a basement are words like dark, gloomy or "dungeon-like", which doesn't sound very pleasant at all. These neglected spaces can completely transform with just a few simple additions and with the proper planning, guidance and resources, Xtreme Polishing Systems will assist you every step of the way in converting your basement into a satisfying living space.

Beginning The Process
As given in any type of renovation procedure, the foundation is always the first and most important concern. Your floors set the tone for any room in your house or business so preparing the surface properly is a crucial matter to consider.
PLEASE NOTE: Every basement will variate in properties, so common additions include new walls, lighting, doors, heating …
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The Industry’s One Stop Shop for Concrete Construction and Home Improvement Products

New and innovative products for concrete polishing and home improvement are benefiting us worldwide. Our main purpose at Xtreme Polishing Systems is to provide the industry with a superior blend of concrete construction and home improvementproducts.
What Do We Supply?Xtreme Polishing Systems is a manufacturer and authorized distributor of professional concrete surface preparation tooling, equipment and concrete polishing products. Our company ships all of our products domestically and internationally. We also provide training courses for concrete polishing and epoxy coatings for anybody who is seeking to excel in this industry.
We specialize in:Concrete GrindersConcrete PolishersPolishing PadsAbrasivesConcrete DensifiersConcrete SealersConcrete Cleaners & DegreasersEpoxy CoatingsPolyaspartic/ PolyureaDyes & StainsJoint Fillers & RepairMagnetic Plates & AdaptorsDust ShroudsCup WheelsHand-Held GrindersOverlayments/ Micro toppingsPump Sprayers/ ApplicatorsFloor ScrapersIn…

Concrete Cleaning Chemicals

No matter where you are, your concrete takes a lot of abuse, including concrete pavements, parking lots and driveways. Oil, rust, graffiti and heavy foot traffic are common forms of abuse these foundations endure on a regular basis. Imagine spending your valuable time and money on renovations and home improvement and the end result still eventually end up stained. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies a purposeful selection of Concrete Cleaning Chemicals designed for these floor maintenance issues.

It's extremely important to understand the extended variety of Concrete Cleaning Chemicals that are specifically designed to remove contamination and available for you to use, because ultimately obtaining this useful knowledge will save you a lot of time, money and effort.
Types of CleanersAlkaline Cleaners - Alkaline degreaser have a very high efficiency in removing grease and oil from the affected area. These Chemical Cleaning Productsemulsify the oil, and with the help of hot water, it …

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings for Garage Floors

Your garage floors can oftentimes be forgotten or may seem like a nuisance to you. Xtreme Polishing Systems offers reliable garage floor coatings that will transform your garage space into a pleasant and stunning environment. Our selection of garage floor coatings were precisely developed for harsh and industrial settings.

What is Polyaspartic/ Polyurea?
Polyaspartic/ Polyurea garage floor coatings are chemically resistant, quick drying and exceptionally tough building materials. Polyaspartic floor coatings are chemically designed to completely seal and protect the surface of your floors. They're resistant to hot tires, making them an ideal flooring option for residential and commercial garages. Also, if you're interested in achieving a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing floor surface you can incorporate a decorative flake application before your clear protective topcoat, for example HP SpartacoteSparta-Quartz Systems or Sparta-Chip Systems.

Common Applications:
Parking garages…

How To Grind Concrete Surfaces

Are you looking for solutions on 'How To Grind Concrete Surfaces'Xtreme Polishing Systems provides fast solutions for smoothing out irregularities in concrete surfaces. With more than 30 years experience, our professionals at Xtreme Polishing Systems are available to assist you in getting rid of old, dusty looking floors and refinishing them into a beautiful surface. Using a variety of powerful concrete floor grinders that grind down the concrete, removing bumps, graffiti, worn coatings, etc. you can ultimately achieve any desired level of shine.

Surface Preparation: 
We begin by examining the concrete surface for any holes or cracks that need to be patched. The holes are filled with concrete patch compounds at least twenty-four to forty eight hours before grinding the concrete.

Grinding Methods: Wet and Dry
There are two types of grinding methods: wet grinding and dry grinding. When dry grinding, a vacuum is used to extract the dust from the floor, while wet grinding impleme…

Epoxy For Garage Floors

Do you want your garage floors to shine like your car does? Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies an industrial-grade epoxy coatings and polyaspartic top coats that are designed to sustain heavy traffic, and wear and tear on your garage floors.

With more than 30 years of experience, on and off the field, and also supplying the industry with the most reliable and professional products, materials and equipment, you're truly guaranteed to produce a beautiful DIY masterpiece! We're here to ensure you receive the highest quality epoxy resin materials, while guiding you step by step along the way, making sure the material is properly applied to your garage floor, thus yielding a spectacular finish.

Epoxy Floor Coatings:
Delivers a strong, reliable and aesthetic coatingNo hot tire pickup w/ protective topcoatDozens of color options are availableProvides protection against spills, oil, grease, petro chemicals, wear and tear, etc.Epoxy Application Process on a Garage Floor:
First, you must e…

Concrete Densifiers/ Chemical Floor Hardeners

Chemical Floor Densifiers/ Hardenersare a ready to use, non-metallic, floor and surface hardeners based on organic and natural aggregates. It provides wear resistance to concrete surfaces, extending the service life for industrial, commercial and residential settings. The floors are rendered tough, wear resistant, dust free, physiologically harmless and above all durable with ease of maintenance. It provides the best scratch resistant protection to your concrete surface and is suitable for a variety of floors including warehouses, hangers, etc.

Concrete Densifier/ Hardener is a unique combination of selected cementitious binders modified by polymers (to impart the mix plasticity and high strength) blended with well-graded, natural hard aggregates. The grading is most critical and ensures maximum possible surface density for old or new concrete floors. The bond is absolutely incredible with its increased wear and impact resistance.
One of the greatest advantages of chemical flo…