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Introducting our New Concrete Densifier Xtreme Hard High Solid

We have a new concrete densifier product at Xtreme Polishing Systems that has a higher solid that produces a thicker base. Xtreme Hard High Solid Densifier is new on the market and it is a concrete densifier with an alkaline dispersion of 8nm colloidal silica at 30% Si02 concentration in water. Xtreme Hard High Solid Densifier can be used as precision investment casting, metal surface treatment, textile treatment, catalyst binder or any other application where very small particle size colloidal silica is required.
Xtreme Hard High Solid Densifier is used to improve the appearance as well as the performance of concrete flooring for residential, business, commercial or warehouse floorings. The densifier reacts with the colloidal silica to produce a better-thicker adhesive bond material to make a higher performance concrete. It increases the hardness, strength, resistance and liquid penetration resistance on concrete floors. Also Xtreme Hard High Solid Densifier can yield a glossy-reflect…