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NEW Concrete Floor Grinder & Polisher to be added to the Genie Family!

Concrete floors are usually easy to take care of when compared to other types of floors. But remember that concrete, like all flooring,  still needs maintenance from time to time. This is still true for decorative concrete. Decorative concrete flooring needs regular attention to keep them beautiful, shiny and hazardous free.
How much attention does decorative concrete flooring need? Well it all depends on where the floor is in a home or business. Concrete flooring that takes in a lot of moisture or has a high traffic flow will need more attention over other areas. Also decorative concrete flooring in business with high traffic will need more attention and maintenance than residential flooring. The best way to upkeep concrete is using a quality floor grinder to remove any imperfections and hazardous areas. Xtreme Polishing Systems designed Max Pro Concrete Genie as gear-driven floor grinder that will get your concrete flooring looking excellent while keeping it hazardous free. Max Pro…