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10 Segements of all the Best Metal Bond Diamonds

When working with concrete flooring in your home or business, they can develop problems over time. Even though it is durable and cost efficient to use as flooring in both homes and businesses, it can settle unevenly. When this happens you will have a noticeable dip in the surface or cracks that will make it hazardous to walk across. Your concrete flooring will especially be degraded when it is exposed to an excessive amount of moisture over the years, for example basement flooring.
The best way to repair the damage safely and cost efficiently is to use a grinder to level the concrete flooring. Leveling your concrete flooring is not difficult when you use quality grinders. Xtreme PolishingSystems has the best grinders on the market. The disc you need to use to grind down the concrete on Xtreme Polishing Systemsgrinders is the XPS 10 Seg. It is ideal for contractors or homeowners who need a quality disc but are concerned with the up front cost when leveling concrete flooring.
The XPS …

Perfectly Engineered Concrete Floor Grinder for Floor Preparation!

When it comes to grinding concrete slabs or flooring in your home or on a job site, you need a machine that will smooth down the concrete evenly. Concrete grinding is when you remove the surface of your concrete. Usually grinding is used to make either the concrete slab level, polished, or to prepare it for application of stains, paint, epoxy or seal.
Using the wrong machine could result in an uneven grind which will waste time and money. Xtreme Polishing Systems has a newly re-engineered concrete grinder. The XJ6 Concrete Genie Ultra is a quality concrete floor grinder that has a completely new transmission structure, electric motor and is able to hold larger diamond discs. And the newly designed power supply will make the diamond disc used on the XJ6 more powerful. Making it the most powerful and efficient concrete grinder compared to other brands on the market.
The new functions on the XJ6 offers an extremely stable operation when grinding down your concrete. The concrete grinder

3-n-1 Concrete Grinder, Edger & Polishing Machine

The best quality and lowest cost concrete grinder on the market is the Concrete Genie designed by Xtreme Polishing Systems. The Genie is used to grind away imperfections, renovate or repair concrete flooring. It is specifically built for the professional contractors to the highest standards and specifications on the market for grinding concrete.
Xtreme Polishing Systems understands the importance of having quality tools to take care of concrete floors because concrete floors are a big job. That is why they design the Concrete Genie to make your job easier and it will prevent you costly repairs on the concrete flooring.
What makes the Concrete Genie unique on the market? It is the Xtreme Polishing SystemsMagneticPlate System. The magnetic plate system is designed to go ⅛ inch away from either side or the top of the machine. The Morse flex cup bular system gives enough flexibility to get into the lowest spots on the concrete flooring. With the Concrete Genie, you will be able to grind an…

Xtreme Hard is the Best Choice for Concrete Densifiers!

Looking for the best eco friendly concrete densifier on the market? Concrete flooring has become an increasingly popular choice since it is durable and cost effective. It is not just used for sidewalks anymore, more and more buildings, businesses and homes have concrete flooring. Xtreme Polishing System has innovated a new technology in making a quality concrete densifier. It will bring back concrete’s beautification by allowing the floors to stay shiner longer and it is eco friendly and cost efficient.

Xtreme Hard Densifier by Xtreme Polishing Systems is a water based colloidal Silica molecule densifying agent, which makes it highly reactive to your concrete flooring. Xtreme Hard Densifier has more reactive sites and will work within minutes to harden.

Xtreme Polishing Systems makes the densifier with lower pH levels. The pH level in the formula is only 8.7. That is slightly higher than baking soda and makes it safe for anyone to handle. That is why you do not need any special training…